MS in Health Science wants to become a nurse

  1. My case in a nutshell... is complicated.

    My undergraduate major was business and spanish (originally chemistry, but someone convinced me, young and dumb, that business would be better and open all the doors--yeah right!). I originally wanted something in the health profession but obviously things changed and my business degree clearly put me off on the wrong foot. So instead of regretting my decision, I decided to get my MS degree in Health, Exercise, and Sport Science. Now I'm trying to break back into the health world, SOMEHOW. I've been exploring nursing options but I'm trying to determine whether pursuing it would result in me having "wasted" my time in undergraduate and graduate school. Is it possible to get an RN if you've already gotten a Masters in Health Science? Would Tech be an option? Would I have to start over with schooling? I would hate to go get an associates or some other degree when I've already gotten a Masters. Does that change anything at all? If I have a Masters in another field, how would that affect getting my RN and what would I need to do to get started? If this is a viable option, I want to pursue it but I just can't seem to get answers on what my current degree will mean and what I should do. Please help!
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  3. by   KimberlyRN89
    Maybe you should consider a direct entry MSN (masters of science in nursing) programs? Or accelerated 2nd degree BSN programs ? Both seem like great options. Good luck
  4. by   netglow
    The fastest and most accurate way to get answers is to pick a University and a community college that has a variety of nursing programs and ask to meet/talk with admissions. You want to look at BSN, MSN direct entry situations as well. Also You want to talk to a community college that offers nursing. You want to look at ADN there.

    What's gonna happen is you will get an idea of what is required for admission into a program. What courses you've already got that will be accepted as "done" and can be applied to a particular college nursing program, and what is left that you must complete, as well as an "idea" of your projected timeline and financial obligation. This is just like your other degree conversations.
  5. by   AgentBeast
    Not to dissuade you from nursing, but you might also want to look into Physician Assistant programs too.
  6. by   jahra
    Quote from ScottE
    Not to dissuade you from nursing, but you might also want to look into Physician Assistant programs too.
    Another vote for looking at the Physician Assistant program.
  7. by   kgreen9675
    I am in a similar situation as vocationallyconfused. Opportunities that existed prior to my graduation are no longer available and being taken by RNs. There is a PA program at the college I graduated from but is as competitive as entry into medical school. Many who aren't selected for med school end up in the PA program and competition is very high. Due to being a non-traditional student, I was considering the nurse option as well. Any other thoughts would be appreciated.
  8. by   KimberlyRN89
    Occupational Therapy, perhaps? It looks like an interesting field, and I hear the pay is pretty decent.
  9. by   jesskidding
    What do you think about the accelerated BSN option?

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