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Let's compare hourly pay. Please state you city: St. Louis, MO: $12.75 (plus differential for weekend/might)... Read More

  1. by   Amberlynn315
    When I started at the hospital as a CNA I started at $13/hr. then finally an opening as a tech came along(which I was certified as) and my rate was $18/hr now I'm making $21/hr. the hospital I work for is now making the CNAs get additional training to become techs n if they don't pass they don't have a job..they're also phasing out the LPNs who a lot of are becoming techs. The techs where I work do everything from blood draws, IVs, tube feedings, patient care, EKGs, etc..
  2. by   Baubo516
    Dubuque, IA

    I work as a CNA at a hospital and I make base pay $10.31/hr, plus $1.50 diff for evenings, or $2.60 diff for nights.

    When I worked at a LTC facility, I made $10.75/hr base pay, but the environment was not as good.

    At our hospital, a CNA is the same thing as a Patient Care Tech. I don't understand the comments about taking more classes to become a tech... can someone explain that to me?
  3. by   Amberlynn315
    A PCT has a phlebotomy and EKG certification on top of the CNA certification. Where I work we pretty much do everything except give meds and take orders.
  4. by   barcode120x
    $14.65 in Upland, CA
  5. by   FutureNurseS.Brown
    OR Tech at an ambulatory surgery center, in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, $20.00/hr, no nights, weekends or holidays!

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  6. by   Mshotsauce
    Sorry I don't know where to post my question so I'm posting it here. I am actually a culinary student. School starts again this fall but I need extra money. I'm applying for ER tech.Shift 3 11 pm-7am. I've never worked in the hospital or have any medical knowledge despite my whole family are nurses. I have another job on the weekend but it's not enough. I'm kind of scared to apply because I guess I don't know anything. And my mom is a nurse for the hospital I'm working at. What do you guys think? I'm willing to learn and I guess I kind of want to try it out since everyone are always pushing me to go towards nursing. I love cooking but what I make doesn't pay my bills.
  7. by   sammi2006
    I work at a rehabilitation hospital in northern california and make 10.56 with 1.00 differential for nights and 1.00 for weekends. I also have 3 years CNA experience.
  8. by   G.Linda
    $12/hr in MI
  9. by   Jmsimpson10
    Started me at 13.09 , 15 % extra for 3-11 & 11-7 shift & 10 % for weekends . So 25% for both. I work on the rehab floor at a hospital
  10. by   Jmsimpson10
    Delaware btw
  11. by   barcode120x
    Quote from Jmsimpson10
    Started me at 13.09 , 15 % extra for 3-11 & 11-7 shift & 10 % for weekends . So 25% for both. I work on the rehab floor at a hospital
    Sounds like you're a lift tech (mobility tech is another name I hear) or PT aide? I'm a life tech as well down here in Southern California for rehab too.

    I work weekend nights for about $14.65. We used to be 8 hour, but earlier this year we got approved for 12 hours (yeah! haha).
  12. by   PD82
    DFW area Texas: $15/hr as a PCT in post partum
  13. by   Lacey1993
    I've been a CNA for a little over a year now. First job I made $10.00 an hour doing private duty. Second job I made $11.00 an hour at a nursing home. 3rd and current job at a hospital, I make $12.00 an hour on weekdays and $13.25 on weekends as a Unit Secretary/CNA. This is in the Bradenton-Sarasota area in FL.

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