HELP! I think my boss is discriminating against me!!!

  1. Hello, I have worked for this same facility for many years, I am currently a PCA in nursing school. I recently requested to be PRN, so that I may focus more on my studies. My boss flat out told me that it is not possible, because there are no PRN positions available. This is not the first time that I have had problems with my schedule. Keep in mind that this facility is suppose to work with those who are obtaining a health care degree. In saying that, I have asked in the past to have my schedule reset so that it is possible for me to go to school. At that time there were maybe one or two opening on the floor, so there was room to change my schedule around. She told me she would see what she could do. After asking her many times within a three month period, she told me that the floor was full and that I would not be able to switch my schedule at this time. I did some digging and found that my boss had given the schedule that I asked for to someone who was new to the department. I then noticed that she had accommodated another person who had just started as well. So after a month, I asked my boss again if she would be able to change my schedule, because I was beginning to fall asleep in class and again she told me she would see what she could do. Within a two week period a person in my department decided to quit, so my boss told me she would be able to change my schedule.
    Jumping to the present, One of the same people who have received accommodation for school purposes asked to change their status to PRN about two months ago, my boss had no problem developing a position for this person. I asked about about two weeks ago, and she told me that she could not. Now me and the other person who is currently PRN are two different shifts, and there are no others on my shift who are PRN. I believe that there is something fishy going on. I am not one to pull out the race card, but I am black and they other who I have mentioned are white.

    PLEASE PLEASE, tell me what you think or give me a suggestion as to what to do. Keep in mind that I have not said anything about feeling discriminated to my boss.

    Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [IMG]file:///C:/Users/Kamilla/AppData/Local/Temp/moz-screenshot.png[/IMG]
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  3. by   tomc5555
    Contact HR Dept. immediately with your concerns about bias.
    Good luck with these issues and nursing school!
  4. by   juliaann
    If you think it's discrimination, you definitely need to record instances of your conversations with your boss and the outcomes and then make an appointment with HR.

    Unfortunately, though, sometimes scheduling just sucks for those of us in school. Although it seems like your boss is accommodating everyone except you - since we (and you, to an extent) don't know the circumstances of the other employees getting their schedule switched around it is hard to say why everyone except you is getting what you want...there may be other circumstances that you don't know and your boss just doesn't feel like she owes you an explanation. Or it may be favoritism or racism.

    But what it comes down to is that your work doesn't have to accommodate your schedule needs. If you can't work your assigned shift and your manager says there's nothing else for you (whether she is telling to truth or being a racist ass), that leaves you with 2 options: keep working the crappy schedule or quit. Sucks.

    I have to quit my job in May because nothing is going to be available that works with my school schedule. I'm freaking out because I don't know how I'm going to pay my bills or what I'm going to do about health insurance...but my work told me that's what's going to happen if I'm going to change my availablility for school. Do I think they did everything they could to accommodate me? No. Do I feel others have had managers "find a way" to accommodate them in similar situations? Yes. Sucks. But I'm not putting off school, and if work won't work with me, okay then. I'll look at other facilities, and if it comes down to the wire, I'll take out extra loans.
  5. by   Milla9436
    Thanks, I totally understand what you are saying. It does suck because I know one of the people who are receiving these accommodations very well, we are in nursing school together, and know the circumstances. I have applied for other jobs with in the hospital. I just have been on this floor for years and I would like to work on this floor when I graduate, but it doesn't seem as though this will be possible. I don't know what I am going to do. School is very important to me.
  6. by   NENE RN
    Keep looking for a job. If necessary goto a home health care so that you have money coming in. My situation is reversed because I wanted to go back part-time (need benefits)(Im PRN) on my floor and my manager wont hire me in that position because I will be done with nursing school in less than 6 months or Aug 15th 2011. I will say that if being a nurse is what you want get a job anywhere to obtain your dream. Your manager does not care that you are falling asleep in class because you are doing your job when you come in. She already has a good paying job. Her concern is whether you are on the floor when SHE needs you.
  7. by   mzrainydayz
    WOW! your story sounds some what like mines except my manager was jumping backwards for another PCT who was attending cosmeotology school! I couldn't believe it, but I ended up quiting and finding a better job still working as a PCT and my new manager is very supportive and willing to be flexible with the schedule. I also noticed that she always talked down on black RN's as if they were incompetent to her. That's what got me thinking I need to leave she doesn't want me to succeed and become a RN because of my race.
  8. by   thbos
    Who knows, but bosses play favorites all the time for all kinds of BS reasons. Could be racism, or not. Could just as likely be that you don't like the same TV shows, music, or jokes, as she does. Most likey she, for some reason you'll never understand, thinks you don't like/respect her. Maybe she overheard something. Maybe someone is telling your boss bad things about you? If you do go to HR I wouldn't bring up race. HR will likely think it could be about race anyways, so no need for you to even broach the subject.

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