Can I take the CNA test without taking the course?

  1. Hi, I want to take the CNA certification test; I took the practice test and I got all the answers right. Can I take it online for free without the training? The hospital I volunteered at has trained me as a PCA for two years.
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  3. by   ArrowRN
    In some states you can take the exam without taking a course. you have to check with your State Board of Nursing website for this info... search their website for challenging/how to challange CNA exam...rules varies by State. There really is no place you can take it online so beware of those websites if they say they can certify you. I think Prometric is the only official proctored location where you can take the will have to take both written and clinical test to be certified. And yes you will have to pay Prometric, there is no free testing.
  4. by   ChipNurse
    It depends on which state you live in. In Ohio, you can. However, you have to take the same test and do the skills check-off just as if you had taken a class. It is not as simple as just taking a multiple choice test. I would check your state board of nursing website for more info.
  5. by   applesxoranges
    It depends on your state. In my state, you can take it on a few conditions such as so many hours of work as a patient care aide over so many years (I don't know the exact number) or if you take a first semester of a nursing class.
  6. by   funtimes
    In my state you cant. You have to take a CNA course (which is a minimum of 75 hours but usually more), from a state approved institution with no exceptions regardless of your background and work history.

    Some states allow people to test out if they meet certain criteria. Also, again this may depend on the state, but in my state after passing your CNA class you are required to do a practical skills exam in person in addition to a written test, so its not something you can just do online. Would you want someone who has no training taking care of you just because they passed an online test?

    I think this is a good thing, since many people learn how to do things the wrong way on the job, so its good to have a standardized curriculum before you can be certfied. It also helps employers know that you at least learned how to do things the right way.