Patient Care Tech. a good start?


I just got turned down from nursing school a couple of weeks ago, and now I'm trying to figure out what to do.

I applied to an accelerated BSN program that accepts students twice in the fall and in the spring. I got turned down for the fall '05 semester. I plan on applying again for the spring '06 semester, but was wandering what kind of medical job i could find in the meantime. So my question is:

Is appyling to be a patient care tech. and working as one good preparation to become a RN? And how "hard" is it to get hired as a PCT?

I will will be graduating May 7th with a BS. in Biology. :yelclap: :beer: :yeah: !!!!!!


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How hard it is depending on need at the time, kind of the luck of the draw.

I think a tech job is an excellent prep for an RN. It gets you used to basic care, so you're not stumbling around with that. Plus it gets you to see what really goes on.

Good luck to you.

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Why not try out a nursing home. If you can do total care...and still hang on, your in the right track. A good way to be a nurse is to start from the very bottom.

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Would I be qualified to be hired as a PCT with a BS in biology, or would i need more training?

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Would my BS in biology be suffcient to get hired as a PCT, or would i need more training?

If a PCT is same as a CNA {Certified Nursing Assistant} then, yes, you need to take a class. Most everywhere nowadays gives training for that level.

{Back in 1971-2, I trained on the job}

They teach you alot about basic care, assisting patients with their daily needs,

How to lift and transfer patients so you don't kill yourself and the patient in the process, things to observe for and report to the nurse, how to take vital signs, figure intake and output, among many other numerous tasks.

The classes are not long, I'm not real sure but I would think around a couple of weeks....{?}

Some facilities will pay for the class for you, if you agree to work for them afterwards.

That's all I can think of.

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