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Past DUI and CA license

by snoodle snoodle (New) New

Hello. In Jan of 200 I received a dui after drinking that night and then sleeping over at a friends. When I awoke the next early morning, I felt fine to drive and was pulled over on the way home and received a dui. Really stupid mistake and I have a clean record otherwise. I was wondering if anyone out there has gotten their CA nursing license with similar circumstances? I realize that the board handles each situation on a case by case basis, but any hope that I can get will be greatly appreciated.I am getting ready to start all my nursing prerequisites and already have a BS degree. I have long been wanting to go into nursing and finally know what I want to do. I am terrified that this will hold me back. Can anyone shed any hope into the situation or is this a pipe dream? Thank you in advance for your responses😊

Many people have reported being disappointed after completing nursing school then being unable to get licensed. I would contact the Board for information. Personally know of one person who completed nursing school for her own reasons, although she knew that she would not be licensed. However, she was counselled by the nursing program before starting, and she was well aware of what she was undertaking. Others unknowingly asssume that because a nursing school accepts them (and their tuition dollars), that they will be able to pursue the career. It is the Board that determines whether one will, or will not become licensed. Best wishes.

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I think it definately varies by state and instances. I had a classmate with FOUR DUI's under her belt and my state licensed her as an LPN. She didn't go any further in school, so I don't know if she would have run into problems being licensed as an RN or not. Best of Luck, I hope you get some answers before devoting a chunk of your life to nursing school!!

Thanks for your response....unfortunately the CA board handles everything like this on a case by case basis so contacting them would be a moot point:( I was looking to know if any nurses with previous dui's had obtained their license in CA. After I graduate from nursing it will have been at least 15 years since my dui. I have two children and I don't want to take on the schooling if in the end I will be denied a license.

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I would look into getting it expunged from your record. Usually there's a statute of limitations as to how long something like that stays with you. Speak to a lawyer--I have a friend who had his DUI expunged from his record--it cost him, but it's not there anymore. It had been around 7 years since he got it.