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I was just wondering how people did on the nclex without taking a review course. I have been using kaplan, exam cram, LaCharity, and nclex 3500. I score usually around 70%-75% sometimes 65%. Do you think these books and scores will be enough to pass???

i passed using kaplan nclex book PDA lacharity self review. but then again only you can answer if your ready or not :D

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Hi. I reviewed using LaCharity PDA, Exam Cram, Kaplan Strategies, and Kaplan Q-Trainers. But I do agree with the previous do have to be ready and confident when taking the test. Even though there is just no way I could have been 100% prepared for that test, I knew I was definitely not going to reschedule because I was ready to get it over with; I was also pretty confident too. It also will not hurt to pray...I definitely did a lot of that.

God Bless and Good Luck!

Thanks for the advice. I take it on Aug. 15. I have a little time to study before my test date. I hope to feel more confident each day and of course pray everyday!! Thanks again

I dont think anyone in my graduating class of 15 used a review course and we all passed.

I passed first time, 75 questions without a review course. So did the majority of people in my class.

Same thing for the graduating class before us. I don't think paying for a review course is necessary. Matter of fact, a well respected member here said she used to be an instructor for Kaplan and her honest opinion is that most people DO NOT need to pay for a review course. It can't hurt, but many people are successful without paying for a course.

Good luck.

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