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Hi. I just want to know the passing score for nclex. i know that we either take the minimum of 75 or the max item of 275 and we need to pass every category. but what's the passing score? is 65 enough? or 70? 75? just cant figure it out. i took this four times! dont know what's the basis for saying below, near or above passing rate. help!

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I would suggest you read the NCSBN website and read up on NCLEX, all information can be found there on what you need to do to pass. The test is designed so you get 50% right but will depend on the level of question to whether you pass or not.


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What is passing for one person will be different for the next person because the computer puts up different level questions at each event for each person based on how they answered the previous question. No two people, normally, will answer the same way on any two tests. At any rate, you need to know the material to pass the test, whether you show that knowledge in 75 questions, or 265 questions. Good luck.

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