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Anybody else out there get all 265 questions with like 50 SATA and pass? I took the NCLEX Monday and tested for 4 hours. I thought for sure I would be done in an hour ,but not even close. I finished thinking OMG I failed. I did the PVT 15 minutes later and I got the good pop up. I'm so thankful to God it's over. It has been such a long journey for me. I failed the program twice and couldn't return to the same school. I applied at another school and got in. It took 4 years for me to get my RN. I almost gave up. I got so discouraged but I prayed and asked God to make a way and he did. It wasn't my timing but his timing and I give him all the glory. Don't give up on your dreams . Serve God in the storm and out of the storm.

That sounds like a rough journey. I hope you passed. Good luck!

I passed


Congratulations! That was certainly hard earned. Forget about the number of questions. It's a pass/fail. I passed with 75 questions and I know a lot of others who did too... that doesn't mean any of us are a better nurse than anyone else, it means we test well. Don't worry about it. Your employer doesn't care how many questions it took. You passed. That's all they see or care about. Congrats! :)

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We stop to thank God.. but in reality it was our hard work and knowledge that proved true.

Same here! I got 265 both times. I was certain that I failed again, but I didn’t!

what did you use to study? thank you

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