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passing the nclex with 205 questions

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Believe it or not you can pass the nclex with 205 questions. I took the nclex October 2014 and I failed with 205 questions. I took the nclex again in Feb 2015 and I passed the nclex with 205 questions. I doesn't matter if you go all the way to the end of the test u can still pass with 205 questions. I know the pressure when all your friends are saying that the nclex shut off at 85 questions and your test kept on going. This for all those who believe u failed with 205 questions it is possible that u can but it is also possible that you can pass as well. Don't let nobody tell u different. Have faith in the Lord and take a deep breath, you can pass this test. All praise be to Lord God because without him I wouldn't have passed this time.

You can pass OR fail with any number of questions. Congratulations on passing!

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