Passing the NCLEX in 75 Questions (first try)


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I graduated from nursing school on May 9th 2015 and I tested for my NCLEX yesterday June 15th 2015! I paid for the Kaplan review course which i felt was not worth 400.00 ! If I could do it all over I would just purchase the Qbank. I found the hursts video online and watched each video twice, which really helped me with content ! I love Aunt Marlene ! I also purchased the NCLEX Mastery App which I used pretty much everyday for questions. I also used the 30-day free trial for (the world's best kept secret!!) Make sure to get it !!! It's just like the NCLEX. I used LaCharity Prioritization Delegation and assignment 3rd edition for only 20.00 which was great as well! I studied about 6 hours each day! As far as my exam I had about around 25 SATA, 8 medication questions, 1 EKG, 1 math questions, 1 hot spots, 3 "put this procedure in order type questions." At question number 74 I started to freak out and began to pray to God asking him to cover me through the rest of the exam. After question number 75 my exam shut off and I almost lost it. I felt like I hadn't proved that I was a competent nurse yet ! Right when I got home I fell to my knees and prayed again ! Waiting for my results had to be the worse part ! I didn't want to talk to anyone and I could barely sleep!! The next morning I prayed again called the VA Board of nursing and typed in my SSN, and next thing I heard was my name and "active registered nurse" behind it ! I was too thrilled, and began to thank God for everything ! I really could not have done it with out my Lord and savior !!! I'm so happy to finally be a registered nurse! If you put your mind to it, YOU WILL PASS ON THE FIRST TIME !!!!

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thank you! I'm super new to this website, but I love it !

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Congrats! A word of advice: change your avatar and your user name. You want to be as anonymous as possible on these forums. You want to be able to come and vent about work without having to worry that someone may figure out who you are.