Passed Transitions with a B!!


Hi to all...I am writing this post purely to motivate everyone out there that has doubts about distant learning, teaching oneself, and fear of the unknown. This was me in a nutshell. I had some great motivation from several of you on here while I began studying for my FIRST Excelsior exam. But I still wasn't 100% sure this was the way for me. I was really confused as to whether or not this was DOABLE. I went into the test this morning not stressing because if I didn't pass I would just go the traditional route..... Well...after two hours of testing and getting handed the sheet with the grade on it...I couldn't have gotten a better confidence booster than passing this test. I know many of you have just passed your CPNE and I congratulate all of you for your hard work and determination. But feels awesome to get the first one out of the way!

I know this is test number 1, so I cannot say its gonna be smooth sailing from here(which I know it won't be), but I now have much motivation and confidence to get this done! I studied for about a month..used Studygroup101 notes and bought the EC practice exams. I highly recommend purchasing them. I dissected the heck out of each question. I did poorly on them early on, but learned a ton on how each question should be answered.

Please do not congratulate me for passing this test. Its only the first, and many to go. I appreciate it in advance, but I am truly writing to motivate everyone out there that this can be done. I am definately not the smartest person in the world, but with a little desire and determination, there isn't much that can stop that. Good luck to all and onto Health Safety.


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I congratulate you even though you don't want it. It's not going to be smooth sailing you still have a journey ahead of you. There is light at the end of the tunnel. The first time I passed an exam was the motivation I needed to get through this program and then I lost it when I started studying for the CPNE. I can't tell you how many times I went back and forth between doing EC or the traditional route. I don't regret for one bit sticking through it, it feels real good to sign RN behind my name. Good luck and keep us posted.

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I absolutely WILL be congratulating you for taking the plunge! The first test was the scariest. (And I did A&P first!! Oy. What was I thinking?! LOL).

Take that momentum and keep it going!!! It's kind of fun to look back at my first posts here from 2005 .... they were like, "Hi, I'm a paramedic looking for a nursing program." Hahahaha. Now I'm starting on my MSN. :D


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I to want to congratulate you on passing Transitions! I felt the same way as you wondering if distance learning is the right fit for me but now I'm taking the plunge and going with excelsior. I'll be taking this exam in a month it will be my first.

That great Lisa! Congratulations in starting your MSN!