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Passed Over For Promotion

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Nurse Beth Nurse Beth, MSN (Columnist) Educator Columnist Innovator Expert Nurse

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Dear Nurse Beth,

I have been an RN for 20 years. I have my BSN and currently working on my MSN. I have worked in the same role over 7 years, never promoted in my current role as case manager remotely. I was recently not given a promotion.

I was given feedback by 3 supervisors that told me my interview and presentation was amazing and I was the top contender. I feel very frustrated. I would like to work in policy and procedure or risk management. I feel like in managed care telephonic case management there is no opportunity for growth. I have no leadership skill experience in my 20 years. My background includes ICU, oncology and managed care.

Thank you.

Dear Not Promoted,

You have 20 yrs experience. You have your BSN, you're working on your MSN, and you have amazing interview skills. Those are good, solid credentials.

As to why you did not get this particular job, there's no telling. It may very well have absolutely nothing to do with you- the other candidate may have had management experience, or may know someone who helped get them the job. You could circle back to one of the supervisors and ask them what, if anything, would have improved your interview and your presentation. They may or may not tell you anything, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

You did not get this recent job, but keep applying. You can stay in your current specialty and apply for management positions with other organizations. Let your colleagues/network know you are looking for a position since often such positions come from word of mouth.

You can also look for a job in Risk, or Policy and Procedure (although that may be coupled with another role, such as Quality), learn the job, and then seek more responsibility (promotion) from there. 

With your background, I have a hunch you are on the brink of success.

Best wishes,

Nurse Beth

TheMoonisMyLantern, ADN, LPN, RN

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Perhaps it's just the setting that is holding you back. Right now remote positions in nursing are quite competitive due to the pandemic going on. Maybe try applying to leadership positions in acute care, LTC, home health, or hospice.