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Passed NCLEX at 60 in this time of Covid!


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Hi all, this is my first post as an official new RN! I had to travel out of state for my NCLEX last week and during my test, it suddenly shut off at 60 questions. I felt relief! ...and suddenly worry that I hadn’t done well, even though I had prepared so much. On our way home, my husband took me to the coffee bar drive through and my brain felt like mush. A few hours into our drive back to our home state, I suddenly had an email from my state BON that said “Nursing License Issued”...OH MY GOSH! I opened the email, and already posted was my brand-new RN license number! It was one of the best days of my life! Happy tears all the way home. I can’t believe it! I just wanted to share my excitement in this scary time of Covid19.
Best wishes to you all with upcoming NCLEX dates!

NightingaleStar, RN!

WOW! talk about a quick turnaround! Took my state 2 weeks to issue! Congratulations!!


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Congratulations!! What state was this is I may ask?

TMCNurse23, BSN, RN

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CONGRATS! Welcome to the RN World!


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