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Hello everyone.

I have been lurking this site for quite some time now. While I enjoyed reading the posts, I never really had anything to say. I took my NCLEX exam on Feb 23rd in CA, and today I received my letter that I passed the exam. I have seen posts asking about the number of questions and if it matters in regards to passing the exam.

I want to reiterate what has already been said. The amount of questions and the amount of SATA you receive is in no way an indicator of a pass or fail result. I stopped at 96 questions, and maybe 10 or 11 of those questions were SATA. I have classmates that had 20 SATA and they applied to, so the questions you receive really just depend. Good luck to anyone that is currently studying to take the exam. If you have any questions regarding how I studied/what materials I used, please to ask me.

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Congratsí ½í¸„

Can't wait to join the crew!

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Can't wait to join the crew!

Thank you. Are you a student?