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Passed NCLEX

Don't know if I'm on the right thread but I passed my nclex rn last july 7 and after 5 weeks, I mean today NJ BON finally posted my license. My question is on the site my license says Status change reason: License issuance. what's it suppose to mean? I havent got my official results by mail. Do I have to apply for something or what? Thanks!

Unfortunately I have no idea but just wanted to say congrats :) I take my NCLEX in a few weeks.

Seems pretty obvious to me that "license issuance" means "issued a license", but that's just my world view.

If you paid for Quick Results from Pearson Vue and you were told you passed, that's Step Two for New Jersey. Step One was the BoN issuing you an ATT based on the completed application having been received. Step Three will be them actually reviewing that application, and doing the required background check. Several weeks isn't too long a time to pass before receiving the actual license in the mail based on what people have posted on AN. If the BoN has posted your license number....then you know what it is. If they haven't posted a license number yet...you don't have one.

Good luck!


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