265 and passed NCLEX


I took the NCLEX on July 7th at 10:30am. I was extremely nervous because of all the pressure that the school puts on you and even the pressure you put on yourself. Some background knowledge I graduated May 10, 2014, I didn't take a review course, and I took a whole month break. I figured after 2.5 years of nursing school I deserved that much. Some tips that i believed were beneficial for me passing was taking a week to review topics, then the next week doing some form of review books like kaplan or hurst, then the third week doing nothing but NCLEX questions. I HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend also getting the app NCLEX Mastery. This was truly a lifesaver because i feel that in this day an age people are more likely to pick their phone up than a book. I was doing questions at stop lights, in the bathroom, and anywhere you could think of. So may God be with you all as you take the next step towards your career. And don't forget the hardest part (nursing school is over with).


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Great job! :) I bet that was hell to sit through 265 but you did it! Never gotta do it again! ;)


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Thanks you all. Yes it was really hard sitting through all of those questions and all that is finally behind me.


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