Passed the Nclex!!

Nursing Students NCLEX


240 questions and passed the nclex got the "good pop up" im really surprised i thought i failed for sure i went in thinking i was gonna be out after 75 questions, but i guess i deserved a 4 hour test!! i thought it was harder then kaplan, i studied all the meds in the kaplan med book and i had like 30 med questions and not 1 from the book i also had about 28 sata which i think i got all wrong lol i felt it wa smuch harder then the kaplan which i was avergaing in the low 60's on everything

i agree!! NCLEX WAS harder than Kaplan! Some questions were the same level. A lot of it I had to really critical think!

what did you use to study?

how did you tackle all those med questions? did you know the meds they asked about?


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I thought NCLEX was harder than Kaplan as well. There were too many questions on the NCLEX where I got it down to two answers.

To be honest the meds I was asked half I had never heard of before and it was torture and I just eliminated as many as I could then made an educated guess, there were disease processes on there that you could have never studied for and frankly never heard about before in nclex or lifeI used Kaplan on demand

So glad u passed

@ Jenurse03 I noticed in your earlier post that you are from CA. Did you get your official results yet? How long did it take? Took mine on Friday and still waiting :(

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