Passed Nclex 1st Attempt Thanks To U-World & La Charity PDA


First off I would like to thank those who posted on the NCLEX forum giving their reviews on U-World & La Charity PDA because of you I saved a ton of money!

I graduated from Nursing School Dec 2015, my school was Pro Kaplan and swore by it! Two weeks before graduation I started looking on this forum and kept hearing great things about U-World & La Charity PDA. My school was able to get us a student discount for the Kaplan course but it was still very expensive so I decided to go with the U-World 1 month subscription and La Charity PDA online through Evolve both for under $100 dollars. I studied the whole month of January, everyday I did between 75-150 questions from U-world and one test from La Charity, I did all the questions and wrote down all the rationales for the questions I got wrong and the ones I guessed on and re-read those rationales. U-world is no joke! To me the questions were challenging and some were very tricky, especially the SATA, it seemed like I would always miss one. My average scores for U-World were 50's-60's and my overall average after doing all the questions in the q-bank was 61%. With La Charity PDA my average scores were 60's-70's. I took the NCLEX Saturday morning, when going through the questions I felt like they were pretty straight forward and definitely not as hard as U-World, maybe U-World & La Charity prepared me well. I had about 15 SATA, 1 Drag n Drop, 1 Med question and the rest were Priority & Delegation, after I submitted question 81 the screen went blue and took me to the survey. I went home and did the PVT trick (even though I said I wouldn't) got a good pop up, did it again Sunday night and got another good pop up, paid for quick results this morning and officially found out I passed! I'm on cloud nine right now! All my hard work paid off! U-World is the so is La Charity, I definitely recommend these two resources for NCLEX, you don't need to spend a whole bunch of money on NCLEX prep courses.


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Congratulations! I'm also using LaCharity and UWorld now. I've only done 700 UWorld problems and so far my average is only 57%. It's so difficult to get the percentages up.....Although I type up notes for literally ALL the rationales and memorize them 5 times over. Saying them out loud like a crazy person :cry: etc....

Did you bother with the case studies with La Charity? Where they helpful? I only did Chapter 1 to 21. Good luck with your nursing career! :D


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No I didn't do the case studies for La Charity just the questions for each chapter. I was freaking out when doing U-World because with each test I was mid 50's low 60's. I think your doing well in that range, U-World is hard! Good Luck on NCLEX...I really feel like U-World and La Charity is enough to prepare you for NCLEX


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Congrats! And thanks for the advice. I wasn't wanting to spend all that money on Kaplan or Hurst. I will give U-World a try.