Passed NCLEX RN on the first try w/75 quest...and Pearson Vue Trick worked!!!

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I took my test on July 16. I had studied using Saunders and Hurst Review videos. After I had done all the practice questions I could stand (probably a total of about 1000), I finally put the book down and drove to PearsonVue. My first question appeared on the screen and my heart sank! "This is nothing like Saunders questions!", I thought to myself. No IV drip rate calculations, No maternity/OB... I felt like nothing I had studied was on that test. The last time I looked at the question counter it read "Item #62" . I just kept clicking through. They actually seemed to get a little easier right before the test shut item 75! All I could think was, "I know they say that's a good thing, but people can fail with only 75 questions too, right??" I was only there for about 40 minutes and left feeling sick. :crying2:

PearsonVue trick was my first thing to do when I got home. Got the infamous "pop-up". Read more posts about how it doesn't work... Felt sicker. :bowingpur

Saturday came.... Patiently waiting for 2pm to arrive to complete the 48hr. window required for Quick Results.

Logged in.....


Such a feeling of relief! Pearson Trick DOES WORK!!! I tried it three times the next day and still got the pop-up!

To my fellow TSU students taking their NCLEX exams in the very near future... YOU GOT THIS!! GOOD LUCK!

Good luck to everyone taking it! Just remember.... Don't overthink it. Use your best judgement and read EVERY word in the question.

Proud to be,

Newly Registered Nurse in Tennessee :nurse:


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i'm in the process of studying.. can't wait to be in the same boat as you!


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same with me...hope we could make it!

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