Passed the NCLEX in 76 questions!


Hey all :) I passed the NCLEX 2 days ago and received my results yesterday! I'd like to share my experience in a few brief sentences for those who may be interested.

It took me two attempts to pass the NCLEX. The first time I failed in 76 questions, the second time I passed in 76 questions! The difference was studying! The first time I just did a brief two day review of nursing school and didn't really research much about the test. The second time I studied for five weeks. I did an average of 200 - 300 practice questions per day and watched around an hour of skill videos. That's it!

Going from failing in 76 questions to passing in 76 is a big accomplishment and I just want to let everyone know it's possible.

MORE INFO: On my failed attempt, I answered question 76 wrong, on the passing attempt I answered question 76 right. Correlated? Maybe?

Never give up!

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Congrats! I test Wed and the anxiety is running high.

yeah congrat i am happy for you congratulation way to go.. thanks for sharing..

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Getting last question right or wrong doesn't matter. We have seen members post they got the last question wrong and convinced failed to later post they passed


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Thanks everyone, great feeling. Did you pass Laura? I hope so!