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i'm not a native american and i have only been to nursing school for one year. i had a really hard time to understand every medical term in english. i had to translate it and understand it by my mind. i'm just so very thankful for god's grace to me! amen!

ok, so i took my test yesterday morning. it took me about 5 hours to finish 250 questions. i wasn't expecting to get so many in a roll!!! when the question went to 75, i was praying in my heart---"god, if it's your will for me to take the test a little big longer, please give me the endurance for it.". so i clicked next, it goes to 76!!!! then it kept going going going. . .i thought i'm gonna have to take the entire test. i asked to go to bathroom three times. i was the only one left in the testing center. . . it was kinda discouraging, but it's ok. i knew i need it so much no matter what it takes! so the last one is a pharm question, i had no idea what's the med. . .i just picked one that makes sense for me. . .then the screen went black!! bam!!!!:eek::eek: i felt numb and just couldn't believe it's over. . .i was ready to take 265 questions!!!

i went to starbucks and got the internet there. and of course, i did the pvt trick. . .my hands were shaking so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my goodness!!! the good pop-up jumps out!!!!!!!:loveya::loveya: i literally stoped my heartbeat and almost cried in starbucks. i did the pvt trick again, again and again. . . always the good pop-up!!!!!!!!! so i think i passed the test. . .even though i'm not 100% sure. . .i'm gonna do the quick result on monday to make sure this is real.

i only used saunders and kaplan to study for the test. i read the whole saunders except the meds and i used kaplan online course. i think both of them are helpful. saunders gave you the foundation of knowledge and kaplan helps with the critical thinking (which i was awful at).

i didn't get any high grade in kaplan actually. . .my q-bank everage is only 51% and my readiness is 54%. the highest grade i got is 62% and most of my grades is between 50-60%. i also got some lower 50%. the lowest i got is 37% and it was only two weeks before the test. . .ugh!!! it was very painful for me. another thing i was doing everyday is telling myself i can do it! i won't just let it go! i'm gonna beat the monster down!!!

so i want to encourage all the people who are still preparing for the test. . .just be confident about yourself. never never give up until the last moment. be consistent with your study and make sure you are comfotable with all the questions and content.

studying+understanding+praying=how i passed the test

p.s: i didn't get a whole lot sata questions. maybe about 30. . .i was very discouraged because of this. i thought i'm gonna fail the test because i only got 30 sata. and i got about 10 maths, 15 meds, 30 infection control, a lot prioritization and some random questions.

hope you all pass it!!!!!!! you can do it!

well congrats to you!!!

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i just finished my nclex-rn today as well in pa. i had it go on for around 230ish questions. i can remember thinking at question 75 right before i clicked next" please let this be the last question, please let the punishment stop". i proceed to click and up came question 76. my heart sank and for a moment i was a bit discouraged but then i remembered some of the things that ati had taught us in the live review. that the average amount of questions for candidates seems to be around 110, secondly, if it is still asking you questions then you still have a good chance to prove your competency and pass.

the strength that these 2 statements provide cannot be ignored. it helped me to stay focused and do my best on each question. i loathe the sata questions but having them show up is refreshing when you are testing because then it seems to be apretty good indication that you are in the ballpark of the more difficult questions. i really think this is why i tested so long, every time i get these i (statistically) do poorly. these probably kicked me down a notch every time they came up. sata questions really are a love/hate relationship.

i would fight my way to the harder questions and then get smacked down by a sata and the punishment continues. by the time the computer shut off at around 235 +/- i can tell you that i was a nervous wreck. it was not until i got to the car that the full nausea ensued. i was sick to my stomach all the way add to the misery, the pearson site started maintenance like 5 minutes after i got in the door. i was not even fully logged in yet to try the pvt and the site went down for scheduled maint. all i could think was that right now life hates me.

i just went to go take a nap to settle and pass the time instead of worrying and fretting until the site came back up 6ish hours later.

all in all i did get to try the pvt tonight. it makes you go through the whole process of picking your school, answering whether you had taken the test before and all. after you fill out that page and click submit/next one of two things will happen (from what i have read) you either get taken to a credit card page (usually a bad sign) or you get a pop up stating that you can't register at this time (which is supposed to be a good indication). in the end i got a popup indicating that i already had a registration (or something like that) and that i would not be able to re register.

as long as the trick worked accurately for me this would indicate that i have passed. i do know that i got the last few questions right (although the last question right or wrong is not a definitive way to tell). all being considered,i am confident that i passed after that 4.5 hour marathon. i took an unscheduled break around question #65 just to get a drink/snack/bathroom and splash a little water in my face. after that i was in marathon mode and just wanted to get it done.

all things considered, it's nice having the pvt to give an early indication but the real relief will come in seeing your name with rn next to it on the state bon licensure site.

please let that be me soon so i can

a) stop worrying about it

b) find a job

c) pay off all my past due bills (before i get thrown out)

addendum: needless to say, nursing school and the nclex-rn has taken its toll. i am 25 pounds heavier, having increased bp, have frequently sprouting gray hairs, am exausted, in dept and stressed!

I went all the way to 265 on Tuesday and spent the whole 6 hours doing it so I know the feeling! Got the good pop up and on Friday morning I woke up as an RN with my license on the BRN site. YOU ALL ARE ALREADY RNS! Congrats guys!!!! :)

P.s.- I feel you on the whole gaining 25 lbs. from nursing school :(. That happened to me too lol

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Thanks everyone! Still though the real relief wont come till we see the license show up online with RN.

The wait draws on....

It will be interesting and perhaps a little weird signing charts RN after those years as a lowely student signing SN and having everything cosigned and being told so many times how your not an RN so you cant . Really looking forward to being able to use the title RN. It's been a long time coming. It really gives you a new respect for the nurse role. Having been in the role of uap prior, I can honestly tell you. They have no idea what it cost us to earn it. Maybe they have a small understanding but to really get it you have to go through it!

Does anyone know where I could find the Excelsior program number for the nclex pop up? It keep asking me for one and the search botton wont open. yAy going crazy trying to figue this out . thanks

Hi everyone. Im new to this website but have been reading prob about 300 posts re: The PVT test results. I took my RN boards friday at 2pm... I see the "good pop up" but I felt like I guessed on half the questions! There was like 70 SATA. I went up to 265 questions. I left feeling discouraged as well... I hope my results are up soon!!! I wont believe it till I see PASS

Im still trying to get a pop up but when i go to put the school code which is excelsior it says incorrent code. does any one have any sugestions. thanks thwe code I have i 03419, is theat all i put in it wont open the search tab. Thanks

Rosio, try putting a dash in your school code. I believe it's after the second digit (i.e., 03-419). Congratulations to all who passed!

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*Hugs!* I'm so happy for you! Congratulations on passing the NCLEX!

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