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I took my NCLEX 07/30 with 130Q. I had 1 math and 23 SATAS!! I was very anxious after leaving the testing center because the NCLEX questions were very vague to me. I had gotten used to doing questions on UWorld. UWorld gives more details and clues where as NCLEX was more cut and dry. Hurst and Saunders definelty helped with content review! I studied for a solid 2 months and really focused in during the last 3 weeks!! After the exam I waited 5-6 hours before doing the PVT and got a "good" pop-up. I did it multiple times throughout the following day and got the same message. I just got my quick results this morning and I PASSED! I definitely recommend reviewing Saunders from front to back and utilizing the UWorld Qbank, their material goes hand in hand!

My study materials:
-Saunders NCLEX Review
-Hurst Review 
-UWorld Qbank + 2 Self Asessments
-Mark Klimek 

UWorld Qbank: 60.8%, 82th percentile
UWorld 1st Self assessment: 70%,very high chance of passing
UWorld 2d Self assessment: 58%, high chance of passing 
Hurst Readiness exam 1: 63/125
Hurst Readiness exam 2: 80/125

WOW!! Congratulations!! =) May I know which state did you took the RN board exam? 


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