Passed NCLEX-PN, this is what I studied


I took the NCLEX-PN on Tuesday, and today when I checked my state's website I am now listed as a Licensed Practical Nurse. I am soooo happpy.

The great thing is that my state was so quick about posting my license, that I did not have to pay PearsonVue for a quick result.

When I signed up to take my test, I had decided I was going to follow Suzanne's plan, but unfortunately I had scheduled my test to early, and did not have the time needed to get her plan. So this is what I did on my own.

1. Followed Suzanne's tip #1 which is posted for all to see

2. Did 50 Saunders questions per day in study mode, checking the answers/rationales as I went along.

3. Studied the Exam Cram LPN book. There I studied the med's, because they are outlined well, and also the lab values on their card at the front of the book.

4. I also studied Kaplan's strategies to taking the LPN test.

5. Prayed like I had not opened a book

I got 85 questions on the test (minimum for LPN), and I walked out of there certain I had failed it. To find my name as a LPN today on the states website was incredible.


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Congrats!!!! :yeah::yeah::yeah::yeah:Thanks for sharing your tips as well


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What was the timeframe that you studied?


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:balloons:CONGRATULATON:clphnds: Thanks for the study tips:urck:


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I studied for about 40 days. If you are going to sign up for Suzannes plan you need at least 45 days, sometimes a little longer to get her plan. That is why I had to go it alone.



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what is the lpn exam cram??

and a BIG congrats to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:bow:

also...wht state are you in....isnt the NCLEX national? do we all take the same test? i dont mean exact same.....but you know what i mean...:specs:



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Thank you all for your kind words.

The Exam Cram Is a book published by Que Publishing. They publish exam cram's for NCLEX, MCSE (Microsoft certification), A+ and lot's of other tests. All their books have Exam Cram on them, and then the title of the course: NCLEX-PN. So if you do a google search on exam cram nclex-pn you should find it. I really liked how they had organized the medications and lab values.

Yes, the NCLEX is a national test, but what is different from state to state is the licensing process. In some states, you can get your results within 48 hours, either from PearsonVue for $8, or from your state's website if they are fast for free. I am just lucky to live in Utah, where they are very fast at posting it, and I got my results for free 48 hrs after taking the test. I understand it can take weeks in California.


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Congrats! And thank you very much for sharing. This will help me tremendously with my review


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Congrats :anpom: Thanks for the info.


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how long did you study :cry:

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