Passed nclex first time 11/10



i said once i pass nclex i will write my experience since this forum helped me while i was studying for the big test.....

My background

i graduate from adn program august 2014, i was a c/b student, i failed med surg clinical because the professor didnt like me, so every since then i was scared to fail. After every final i thought i was going to fail but i didnt. The school was all year with summer school and was done in 1.5 years. My school also did ati which i hated.

My study tips

i took two weeks off then started to study in september. I wanted to study for a month and then take it but i still had to pay school off so i worked a full time job and a part-time job to get the money. After work i would go to starbucks and i started to read the saunders book because i felted like i needed to improve in my content so i did 3 chapters a day for a month. I was half way through the book and i couold not read anymore so i took two days off and my friend passed and she told me that she used kaplan which was provided to us from the school. I started to use kaplan and information that i didnt know i would look up in the saunders book.

I did every single question in q-banks did the q-trainers again since we did it in school but i was not taking it serious in school, sample nclex question. I did not use the decision tree if i used it i didnt know. I also used the lacharity book two weeks before my exam and it did help i only did all the chapters and one case study.

I can not describe the test but i did think i failed it because i failed like i was getting easy questions andi did not have a lot of sata. I fasted for a month no social media, no alcohol, and no going out. I study for about 2-3 hours a day doing question and reading rational and i prayed a lot. My advise dont worry about the amount of questions you are getting how many sata questions you are getting try to take calm and relax take breaks and answer the questions as best as you can. Everybody will have their own experience of the test it will not be the same so dont compare yourself to other people.


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Congrats! I am using Kaplan again for my second attempt but I was able to review contents from Hurst review! My scores improved from 40% to 60 and 70% .. How did you look at the questions on the exam any advise? Congrats again :)