Passed NC1 today!


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good job...keep up the good work!!!!

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This is good to hear that people are not having any issues moving along pretty fast with decent grades! I just started NC1 today


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I passed NC7 today with A. NC1 was my hardest and the only C I ever made. I do not advise anyone to pay for the 8 wk online help that EC charges $175 for. I read and read again and paid for Practice Exams which are well worth the $65. Best of luck.

PS: If you go to the Exams tab at EC home page and then scroll down toward end on right side and log onto technical you can get statistics for passing and grades for each exam. I always looked before testing to see what my odds were.

what are you doing when you study? do you take a lot of notes or just read the material? i know i am making this so much harder than it has to be! i took the practice exams for health safety and scored a 69 on the 1st and 72 on the 2nd, but that was before i even had any of my books i'm reading and i feel like the info is almost too easy...oh bother!!! just gonna have to jump in feet first and see how it goes, i think!

to the op, well done!

jules, i just read and read. i took minimal notes. and you're right, you're overthinking. it's a multiple choice test!

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