Passed my last of 8 exams today + Advice on studying

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Hi everyone,

I have some serious eye strain from all the studying and may need

stronger perscription glasses :)

I took my last exam today...Health Differences. All eight completed. Onto FCCA.

Matter of fact I failed a total of two exams while going through the process.

( I began July 2011. Money and life situations held me up)

Those exams were Health Difference and Chronicity. I passed both the second

time. When I look back on why I failed, it's because I didn't understand the concepts

of the material. I first thought it was because I didn't study long enough...

My study habits...

I started with just the paid practice exams from excelsior and very little textbook

reading for these two exams:

Health and Safety

Transition to RN Role....I passed them both 1st try

Chronicity and Health Difference...I failed 1st try

I only used practice exams...the textbook reading was becoming ineffective

for me with my work schedule and life. I was falling asleep studying,

getting discouraged by the study time...just wasn't working for me.

I was blocked from registering for the failed exams by Pearson Vue

for about a month.....point is I couldn't register for them right away.

A policy of there's regarding failed exams I guess.

Onto Reproductive Health...I passed with 'A' 1st try. My favorite subject anyway :)

I used:

my boyfriends college network learning modules. (read all 17 ch)

excelsior's practice exams

Nclex books ( I only used two of them and both were similar to Excelsior Exams I state the books at the bottom)

I was determined to pass and not lose my money again.

College network modules are really good for testing they

have all the material that you would see on the exam. My

only thing is the reading...lots of chapters like 17 or over 20

and most of the information is just "extra" material...but good nontheless

Took Chronicity again...passed.

I used:

College network (read some chapters)

practice exams

Nclex books

Lifespan 1, 2, 3...passed...1st try

I used:

excelsior practice exams

Nclex books

NO college network...the readings were time consuming very tiring. chapters were too much.

took health differences again....passed

I used:

Excelsior practice exams

Study group 101 notes (I marked all ques. I seen from 1st try)

nclex question found online

nclex books

Health difference was difficult for me to study for because most NCLEX books/questions

do not have enough material on those subjects that the exam covers.

So I had to do a lot of "looking" for those question types.

Last four exams I finished within a month. Exam per week.

To have an effective studying time that is not wasted I would recommend;

First, reading through Excelsior's practices exams Both A and B. This will

give you a good overall idea of the material the Exam will focus on.

That way you spend less time reading and studying material that you may never see for that exam.

Second, get your NCLEX books. Read and study the material covered from Excelsior

practice exams. I recommend these two NCLEX books: Nclex made incredibly easy; questions and answers. and Saunders Q&A review for NCLEX-RN EXAMINATION 4th Edition. For Saunders, make sure the book has the CD with it. I bought mine off Amazon under 20 bucks used with CD. With the CD you can break down the study material you want to review unlike the book that mixes all subjects. CD is better.

Transitions to RN role

Health and Safety

Health Difference you may have to do other reading to supplement the information needed to test.

I couldn't afford anymore text books ( bought about 5 of, maternity, peds, nursing diagnosis, pharm. Only used books for 1st two exams.

In all, please remember this is what worked for me. I write this to help those who may be wondering how to start or how to restart testing. Results may vary :)

Either way, you will pass all the way to the end and we will become a RN !!!

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Excellent advice to use the Saunders, I have it with the CD, have not used it to study - though I may consider it since reading this post. I use the textbooks suggested by Excelsior and take the practice exams, so far have had two C's and two B's. Good post.

Thanks nurse with skills;)

Is there lot of math on reproduction exam?

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thanks alot for posting you journey it has given me courage i havent tooken any exams transition to rn role will be my first exam thanks again

Anyone taken reproductive health, do I need to know all the drugs, any math ?

Anyone taken reproductive health, do I need to know all the drugs, any math ?

I believe I remember seeing one of two math questions on there.

Thanks, any recommended nclex book u have?

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I used Saunders comprehensive Rn nlex book, comes with a cd. I reviewed all the repro questions on the cd.

Just an update..I have passed both FCCA's this past weekend! Applying for CPNE in the coming days..Throughout the entire journey with Excelsior, I have ONLY used the notes. There is more than enough of info, practice quizzes, care plans, assessments etc. to pass each exam. For me it worked, as my memory cannot retain info that I would have read a month ago, I saved a ton on not purchasing each required book. Now to CPNE, I am trying to find info here on any recommendations how to best prepare and pass the first time! I definitely need a weekend practice, any info much appreciated! Thank you!!

Use Rob's CPNE material. It's less than $100 and more than you need to pass the first time.

Medic625 -

I have to take the exact prereqs you took to complete Excelsior's LVN-RN Program. I'm starting with Sociology. I ordered the e-text book the college recommends but honestly I can't read an entire book and then go sit for one test. Can you give me any idea of how to become WELL prepared for the UExcel Exam? Are there any courses or modules to use for preparation? I don't mind paying for quality material, I just want to be prepared.

How did you study for all 4 pre-reqs and pass them so quickly? I DREAM of doing that! LOL

Chad, LVN

Good morning everyone~ I just wanted to share that I agree. I started with Excelsior College LPN to RN bridge program and now am in Achieve Test Prep. First Exam (Nsg 104)I took through Achieve Test Prep at a testing center for Excelsior College, I did use Study Guide 101 to study with and I passed first try. Second exam Nsg 108 I failed but, had not purchased the Study Guide 101. Just purchased it, lesson learned :-)

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