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Passed Health Safety


Got another knocked out. I don't think SG 101 covered all of the material that was on this test. Either that, or I am completely studying the wrong parts. Any advice on how to study for the Foundations in Nursing formerly called "Chronicity." I do utilize the practice exams and content guides. I do really good on the practice exams, and still making C's on the test. Thanks in advance....

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CONGRATZ on passing! Do you have test anxiety? I had opposite results in that I bombed every practice test I took. But I got mostly Bs on the actual exams. Health Safety was one of my Cs. I credit that with being my first EC nursing exam...not knowing what to expect and relying on 'what we do at work'....big mistake! These exams are textbook theory only! Not saying that's where you're going wrong, but it's worth it to review the deciding factors that you used to select your answers. Good luck going forward!

congrats!!! although SG101 is great and I have used it for everything but the Lifespan series, I think it would be beneficial to read the recommended textbooks - definitely go over the excelsior studyguide and the sample test questions they have (because you will see a few in the actual exam). hope that helps a bit! and congrats again!!


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I used studygroup for all my exams. I found the bullets under additional resources useful and also used the audio and it played in my car everywhere I went. Also the information in the yahoo groups are good as a study tool. Congrats on the pass!

Thank you everyone for the study tips! I know I marked a few on the test as "what would I do" which isn't always right. Plus I changed my answers on 7 of them. I'm going to get an A on this next one.