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Need to take a moment to brag...please be patient ;)

We took our first lecture exam on September 11, 2001. That date will forever be stuck in my head!! We heard about the attacks on our great nation when we came out of the exam. I was relatively calm going into the exam...and honestly...that worried me. When I came out, I didn't have time to have a sense of whether I passed or failed. We got our results back this Tuesday and I PASSED!!!!!!!! I made an 88...just 2 points shy of an A...but hey, I'll take that grade ANY day!!!

We had our first skills lecture exam this Tuesday and will get them back next Tuesday. Wish me luck on it...I felt really good about it when I came out...and that worries me. When I feel good about an exam, is usally when I did poorly. :eek:

Well, better go...have skills check off on meds in the morning. Thanks for letting me brag!! ;)

United We Stand,

Shonda :)

jschut, BSN, RN

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Congratulations! That's wonderful!

I know exactly how it feels to want to tell somebody...anybody who will listen about your grades! Only we know how hard we worked for them! I tell my family, and they want to cheer, but they can't appreciate how difficult some of this stuff is to learn. But a nursing student knows...

Keep up the good work!


Shonda, that is really great way to go on your first exam. It is okay to brag. Bragging a little on a board like this show others who are down and going through tough times thinking that they cannot do this will see that there are others who are doing it and may be encouraged and motivated to work just a little harder if they want to accomplish their dreams bad enough. Congratulations and keep up the good work.



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Way to go, Shonda! I just recently passed my first nursing lecture exam too.... it was easier than I thought it would be.

I guess we're retaining more than we think we are.

I hope you rewarded yourself in some way... you deserve it.

Great job!


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WTG to all!!!

We have our first exam on Monday. I hate first exams because you never know what is going to be asked, let alone the style of testing the instructor is going to use. Soooo, I will spend this weekend memorizing everything I can in hopes that I will pass!!

Karen K

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I will be doing the same thing this weekend essarge! My first exam is Tuesday, yikes:eek: We had our math test today and I passed, so that was a load off my mind, I'm glad they told us what we got right away! This is tougher than I thought! I started this semester working full time and going to school - well 2 weeks ago (after the first week of school) I decided to cut back to 4 days a week. This week I have decided to cut back yet another day - thank God my supervisor understands! Not that she is happy but at least she is willing to work with me. I work in a hospital in the admissions dept. and I think they are willing to be flexable for nusing students, in hopes that I stay there when I graduate (nice little perk). Well good luck everyone!


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Thanks everyone for letting me share. are soooo right. My family supports me wholeheartedly, but they just don't understand how hard it is to learn all of this information. My mother was excited for me, but not as excited as I was!! :)

Purp...CONGRATULATIONS on passing your first exam also!! :)

Essarge and Karen...good luck on each of your exams. You'll do great I'm sure. I also passed my math test and boy am I glad to have that out of the way. However, we will have 2 dosage calculations questions on each of our lecture exams...those are like "give me" questions now!!! :D

Thanks again for letting me shout it out that I passed!!

Good luck everyone,

Shonda :)

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