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Passed CCRN today!!!


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I have been working ER for 7 years, 5 years in a level 1 trauma center that holds patients for half the shifts or more. I have always had a solid understanding of cardio and pulmonary issues and the patho. We tend to do a lot of drips and tut rating as well. I passed the CEN in June and decided to take the CCRN also. Well I'm in grad school so I didn't have time to study, test date came up pretty quick. I review the Barrons CCRN book last night, took my test today and scored 104 out of 125. Pretty excited..... I just knew I was going to retake and this would give me and idea on the content of the test. I actually found it to me easier than the CEN. Well at least the questions seemed more straightforward. The Barrons review book almost had the same content as the test... Verbatim. I would suggest using it, it's not over loaded with content.

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Congratulations for a job well done! :)


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Nice job! I took the CEN and remember it was pretty hard but doable if one is prepared. I'm planning, tentatively, to return to Critical Care nursing and the CCRN is a goal of mine.

Good luck in the future and congratulations!


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I just passed this morning and I found it to be easier than I anticipated. Still heavy on hemodynamics, cardiac meds, ABG interpretation - but it was all pretty straightforward. Good luck to all who are studying!


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Cheers! You have now proven you have what it takes to be in the highest level of Critical Care nursing! :up: