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Passed the AANP exam!!

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I have not seen any posts about passing the AANP exam in 2017 so I thought I would share my experience. First of all, I found this site very helpful when I was figuring out what to study in preparation for the exam. I took the APEA review course online which was very helpful!! Amelie Is a great teacher and puts things into real life examples to make it easier to understand and remember. Her Peytn Manning mneumonic was very helpful!!! I used the Leik review book as well. I found the book to be very nice and to the point! I also looked through the Fitzgerald review book, but I had trouble with paying attention to that book. I didn't find it as helpful. Then I did practice questions in an APEA book and all of the questions in the Leik book. I also took 3 practice exams on AANP-FNP.com. I found those to be helpful as well. I got a 72, 72, and 78 on those. I did the APEA predictor exam just before graduating and got a 78 on that as well. Then I made note cards of the information from the exam tips from Leik and some information from APEA of information I was having trouble with remembering. I also did practice questions using the Leik app which was amazing! The last practice exam I took before scheduling the exam was the practice exam with PSI which is $50 to take it once. I got an 84 and I had a couple questions that were very similar to some questions on the practice exam! It was very heavy on frail elderly/geriatrics. I can think of 1 cranial nerve question, not many pediatric questions, some thyroid, diabetes, pneumonia, and skin conditions. There were things on it that I had not studied and did not feel good about it, but I passed!!! I cried right there when the proctor gave my result. It is the biggest relief and I am so happy to have been successful. I had read that the exam is easier than the practice questions but I did not find that to be true for me. I found some questions to be straightforward but many questions were very difficult. My last day of school was Christmas Eve and I began studying for the exam on January 2nd. I have not worked because I wanted to study and take the exam by the first week of February. I studied all the time!!!!! I am surprised of how little there was in the exam that I had expected. I am awaiting my official results which I should get in the next couple of days but I wanted to go ahead and post while this is fresh in my mind and maybe it will help someone who is preparing for the exam.


Kra20089, big Cong!!!

I passed the AANP last week. The only book I used was Leik, and the I took the PSI. That's all I did. I fully agree with you that there were tons of geriatric questions. In my test, there were a lot of peds questions as well. This was a hard test to me. Fortunately, I passed. I can't believe once I was "PASSED" in the paper.

Once again, Cong!!! :)

Congrats!! I remember being so stressed and wound so tight it was hard to read the questions. I can relate to the feeling when they hand your the pass/fail paper. It really took me a few days for it to sink in.

Now the real work begins!!

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Thank you! Congratulations to you too! I felt it was extremely hard myself and didn't feel like I did well enough to pass, but I'm glad I was wrong! I did have quite a few pediatric questions, but I don't remember any on vaccines which I thought was odd. Congratulations again!!!!

Hi Kra20089,

Congrats!! I passed my AANP 02/16/17. I Was wondering how long it takes to see the results on the AANP site. I have been checking ,but so far nothing. I failed before and it makes me nervous. Seen the results on the site would make me believe even more. I also checked the PSI site and it didn't say pass, it just said the completion date and the name of exam.Thanks!!


Congratulations on passing your exam!!! I know what you mean about not believing it! But I am sure you passed if that paper PSI gave you said you did. I was able to see my results with my letter and everything on the AANP certification site within 2 days and it took about 10 days to get my certificate, the card, pin, and letter in the mail. The letter they post under documents on the website is exactly what they mailed. Best of luck to you and congratulations again!!

Hey yall!

I'm taking my test tomorrow and I am SO. NERVOUS. Reading what you guys said about the test helps a bit! I've been using Amalie, Fitzgerald, and the Leik app for questions! I would be okay with lots of Pedi/Womens health questions because that's my thing! :) But the lots of frail elderly scares me!! Say a prayer for me if you see this!!

Hello rockyroad#,

Congrats to all that have passed the AANP FNP exam. I am so happy for you all. Unfortunately, I have failed mine and would like to get your advice if possible. Can you all please share with me your email if it's ok that I email you? Thank you

Hello Kra20089,

Congrats to all that have passed the AANP FNP exam. I am so happy for you all. Unfortunately, I failed mine and would like to get your advice if possible. Can you all please share with me your email if it's ok that I email you? Thank you

Hi CattyNattyRN,

I would appreciate it if you could please share your email if possible, it would be nice if you can share any tips with me.

Thank you.

Hello to all-

I too passed AANP boards (Family Practice). I also found APEA'S online review course very helpful. Amelie focuses on key topics that are commonly tested and sprinkles in valuable information to remember while in the clinic setting. Essentially you can condense all of FNP school into a weekend by listening to her lectures. You may feel overwhelmed by the amount of information you must know but give yourself credit as much of the info is a refresher to what is already embedded in your brain from years of schooling. Believe me, you know more than you think you know. After completing her course I brought the APEA predictor exam. At the end it gives you a score and outlines your weak areas. Do not waste your time studying subjects areas you scored 70% or above on. Focus your studying on the areas you scored 50-69%. I noticed the areas I scored low needed to be re-taught in order to have a strong foundation. I then went back to Amelie's lectures, my class notes, and the Liek book to brush up on my weak areas only such as (Endocrine). I then purchased APEA's test bank and practiced questions from all subject areas even the ones I scored over 70% on the predictor exam. I found the APEA questions to be more challenging than the real exam. All in all this process took three weeks of studying 4 hours 6 days a week. By the time my test date came around I was ready. I found the certification exam straight forward with varying difficulty (Many easy questions with challenging scnearios sprinkled in). Please excuse any typos.