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  1. chesternut02

    New NP graduate in Bay area

    Hi Guys, I am a new graduate of FNP, and just got my CA NP license. I have been applying for so many jobs online, and so far just got one offer, which requires the NP takes charge the whole program, there is no MD or other ocworkers on site. I am going to turn it down. I am wondering is there any tips to apply for a job in a doctor's office or medical group please? I would love to do primary care in a doctor's office. Really appreciate any suggestion or tips.
  2. chesternut02

    Passed the AANP exam!!

    Kra20089 Kra20089, big Cong!!! I passed the AANP last week. The only book I used was Leik, and the I took the PSI. That's all I did. I fully agree with you that there were tons of geriatric questions. In my test, there were a lot of peds questions as well. This was a hard test to me. Fortunately, I passed. I can't believe once I was "PASSED" in the paper. Once again, Cong!!! :)
  3. chesternut02

    California- 5 years limit for pharmacology

    Miah, thank you so much for sharing your experience!!! I took my Advanced Pharmacology in Spring 2012. My post-master NP program will be done this December, and I am going to take the board exam in January 2017. Technically, it will be 5 years for my pharmacology by the end of May 2017. However, my concern is if the CA board is too slow to review my application, and it would be risky if they delay it to May 2017. I have decided to repeat this course in my school. It will cost $2400. A lot of money to me, so paiful.
  4. chesternut02

    CA NP License Application Time Frame?

    Thanks for sharing. I will graduate from NP program this December, and am planing to apply for CA certification as well. Because my pharmacology was taken in 2012, it would be risky to pass 5 year-limit by May 2017. I am thinking whether should I repeat this course or not. Now based on you guys' posts, I am sure I should do it again to avoid the worst result. Please keep up posted. Thank you. :)
  5. chesternut02

    California- 5 years limit for pharmacology

    Thank you so much for your kind advice, Juan. You are so nice!!! Really appreciate it. Yeah, that's exactly what I am thinking about it now. I read some posts about the speed of CA board, and found that these applicants had to wait months. That's scary. I am afraid that I send all my documents to them before February, and would have to wait long long time until pass the expiration date of my pharmacology. That would be a disaster.
  6. chesternut02

    California- 5 years limit for pharmacology

    Juan, Thank you so much for your reply. Now I am taking my program out of CA, and I will go to California after graduation because of my family. I asked the director of my program, and she said it should be okay but she was not positive for sure; she is not familiar with CA's policy that much. That's why I am so concerned about this. Also I checked the instruction of CA board, and it indicates that they do not accept the refresher course or CE hours. "The advancedpharmacology course must be completed at any nationally accredited master's or post-master's level academicNurse Practitioner program. Continuing Education course(s) are not acceptable to meet the Nurse PractitionerFurnishing Number advanced pharmacology course requirement." I do not want to retake this course again although our school will offer this course this Fall. It is too expensive. If the CA board does not consider my course still valid, I would have to retake it this Fall. I wrote to CA board, but have not got reply. I called hundreds of times to them, nobody answered the phones.
  7. chesternut02

    California- 5 years limit for pharmacology

    I will be finishing my NP program this December. This is my post-master certificate program. I took my Advanced Pharmacology in 2012, and the completion date was May 2012. It would be 5 years by May 2017. I am wondering would my pharmacology be still valid if I take the certificate exam and furnishing number in January or February 2017 please? Any comments are appreciated. Thank you so much!