I graduated 3 years ago from nursing school. I never took the test until last week, and I passed. NCLEX cut me off at 97 questions. I took the Hurst Review/Q-Review's and Saunders 5th ed. CD for additional questions.

The reason I am writing this post is to MOTIVATE you! If I can be out of nursing for 3 years and come back and pass it, you can do it too!

After core content, do as many questions as possible, and do them each day at the scheduled time that you're supposed to take the test. I took my test at 2:00pm and I took everyone of my Q-Reviews and Saunder's practice Exams at 2:00pm for two weeks. Train your brain to function optimally at that time.

For those who say Saunders questions are too easy, don't listen to them. Yes, there are easy questions but they did not filter out those questions. Take exam mode or quiz mode, and select the category COGNITIVE LEVEL. Select both ANALYZING and APPLYING. Those are passing level NCLEX questions.

My scores for Q-Review:

75, 88, 79, 86, 84, 82 / 125

My scores for Saunders:

62-69% on Exams

As you can see I was average scorer. You will pass! Take your time on the test, I took 3 hours to finish 97 questions. That's just the type of test taker I am.


Things to look over before test:

Lab Values

Infection Control Precautions (Airborne, Droplet, Contact) for any given infection


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Congrats! :) I will take mine in three days! What did you do the day before? Also, what to feel when the exam is near?


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Thanks I needed this post,I failed Oct 2013 and Im scheduled this week Im praying I dont ruin my X-mas by failing this is all I want for X-Mas


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try and remain calm I did mine last wed in tx n according to folks tx bon update tue n thur so imagine my agony ,this is what I want for xmas so I keep u posted,good luck hopefully santa comes down both our chimneys ..say a lil prayer after so many quest for peace

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congrats and great advice. Everyone kept telling me not to read and do questions but I felt like I had to learn to apply my knowledge as well as use strategy.


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The day before the test I did my last Q-Review, went over labs, infection control precautions, and brushed up on fluid and electrolytes. Some say don't take any tests the day before but I don't believe in all of that. Do what is comfortable for you, and what will give you peace of mind. I went to a concert two days before my test, just to relax a little.


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Thanks for sharing! Congratulations!


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Awwwwe , it's been 3 yrs for me 2 but I failed twice , however you are still very much motivation for me !! Thank you so much


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Thank you for your post! I am also taking the hurst review..I have reviewed all Med-Surg content twice already..I am starting on the 5th day material....did you covered all 5th day material????..I went thru the infection control/miscellaneous staff and some meds...I also went thru all Saunder q's (end of chapters) except Peds/maternity section (60s-70s)...did you do the entire cd?...I don't want to touch Hurst's tests till near my exam.. do the tests include maternity and peds? sorry for all the q's...thank you so much for time!!!...Congrats :):):):)...


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Congratulations!!!! Well, i am just beginning to prepare for nclex examination so what may be useful tips and technique? Moreover, which book and material yo suggest to pass the exam? Is the kaplan online course necessary or its optional? Please let me know :)


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Did you rely only on Hurst for content review? You had mentioned Saunders -- did you use Saunders for content review as well? I abandoned my Saunders content review for Hurst and wanted to know if just Hurst content review worked for you to pass the NCLEX.