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Pasadena City College Fall 2015


Hi all!

I applied for the PCC RN program to start fall 2015. The deadline closed on March 1. Since no thread had been created before feel free to join in if you applied for that term as well.

Hey! I applied to Pasadena as well and waiting to hear back from them. Since I turned in my application I have not gotten any news from them not even a TEAS invite but I just got one from GCC cause I applied there too. How many schools did you apply to?

I also applied and have not heard back. I am waiting to hear back from Pasadena, Pierce, and COC. COC should be sending out emails tomorrow and the remainder of the week......I hope! Good luck!!!

Hi there!

Not sure if this helps but I applied to PCC for the LVN-RN bridge for this summer, same deadline-Mar 1. I got my acceptance email last week and they called me the next day to make sure I got the email. When I called before they were saying they would send notifications around mid-late may, because they have so many programs, so I was THRILLED to get my email so soon! So hope that helps! Looking forward to getting back to school and moving on!

Thank for sharing. I personally only applied to PCC so far, but in case I wouldn't get in I'm planning on applying to Glendale and LADHS. I wonder when we'll find out, it's my guess sometimes next month.

Hello! I also applied for PCC RN program! This is my second time applying, I applied for Fall 2014 and I was an alternate. I didn't get a call back but I was told that they had 100 alternates which I thought was weird. Best of luck everyone! :)

I'm an alternate now for COC í ½í¸’ keeping my hopes up! Still waiting to hear back from LAPCC and Pasadena City College. Good luck to you all!

Hi everyone I also applied to PCC for fall 2015 and have not received an email yet.

Me too. Hang in there we'll hearback soon!


has as anyone heard back from PCC for fall 2015 cohort yet??? I'm anxiously waiting!

Hi Everyone,

Same here, I applied for the Fall 2015 cohort and still waiting to hear back

I called last week and the student worker informed me that letters of acceptance/ rejection should be going out this week. Italy take up to two weeks for everyone to receive a decision! What were your stats? I have an overall 3.6 gpa and a 3.47 in the sciences. I received a 76.7 on the TEAS :( hope that's enough! I know it's a lottery but I have a feeling grades matter too.

Ok so I called to ask when we will hear back from them for our acceptance/rejection and she said we should hear back sometime at the end of this week and the next week. So yea we're sooo close!:nailbiting:

@samwalsh you have great stats! If grades matter you shouldn't worry.

Hi dreamon8, I also applied to GCC! that's my top choice school. I also applied to LAVC and Trade Tech. Trade Tech is on a rolling basis, so since I applied in Oct of last year, the counselors said I am for sure in for this Fall. However, I don't really want to drive all the way out there. I really wish I would have waited until I was really prepared to take the TEAS. Instead I rushed to try to meet the deadline for their school even though I don't really want to go there. They are my backup plan school. Whats your top choice?

@Sam_walsh17 The good thing is no matter what happens you will start your nursing journey this fall since you got a space at trade tech which is great! But I agree, like I applied to Pierce college but I don't want to drive out there because it's pretty far from where I live but I did it just in case. If Pierce ends up being the only school I get in then I am going to go. I applied to GCC, PCC, LAVC, LACC, LA County and Pierce. My top choice is GCC because w/o traffic it's 5 minutes away and with traffic it's 10-15 minutes. Also I wen to GCC for all of my college work (prereqs and GE) they are super nice and it's at a clean area and also a brand new building for health science. Their NCLEX pass rates are great too so hopefully GCC will accept me. I wish my overall GPA was higher though, I have only a 3.42 overall, 3.64 in sciences and 81% on TEAS so idk what will happen...hope we both get in!

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You're good! The science gpa is what counts!

My gpa is 4.0 both science and GE. However I haven't taken the TEAS yet. Has anyone received an invitation to take the test yet? Do you know if the draw is completely random or if it is weighted?