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I don't think the OP was asking about your past experiences with "arrogant" paramedics... lets not turn this into an argument/debate thread! I have met plenty of arrogant know it all nurses in both my paramedic and nursing career! IT GOES BOTH WAYS, trust me!!

No one said he did, and no one was trying to turn it into a argument/debate, until you posted.

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OP - I know I didn't intend to suggest you were coming across as arrogant, it's just something we all have seen and it doesn't work out for anyone. Sorry if I came across that way. As I said, and others have said, I think ED tech will be great for you in many ways, the biggest being: 1) You get more/different experience in the way the ER works when you aren't there. 2) You get to network and show your work ethic. Our ER is alot like pixie's, if we have a good tech that becomes an RN, you bet we are going to do everything we can to get that person hired into the ER. We don't want to loose someone who works hard!

Ummm, that is how I interpreted your post!

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Ummm, that is how I interpreted your post!

That aspect was further clarified, so let's stick to the topic, please. Thanks!

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