PALS - pediatric Advanced Life Support...Do you have it available to you?


My class is in a couple days. I'm kind of scared... There's so much to learn! Besides reading AHA's book. But I keep losing interest. Any one else working on obtaining their certification too?


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I am not req'd to take PALS, but I did ACLS in school. Similar in format, I think. The class portion was easier. Is there an online portion?


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I'm ACLS certified, not PALS, but in general with these types of classes, they WANT you to pass, so rest easy knowing that. Also, there are plenty of online practice tests and resources, such as this one: Free ACLS & PALS Practice Test - ACLS/PALS Pretest

And I always go through the AHA for my certifications- they're reputable and have classes/locations all over the US.


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I have both ACLS & PALS. If you have a good foundation is BLS then you should be fine. I had great teachers through AHA and focused on big concepts and the main principles you will use when employing PALS.


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My thoughts exactly, mluvsgnc


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I just got my PALS certification last week. I was so nervous about it, but in the 2 day class I took they prepared us well. The first day we basically learned everything, and then the 2nd morning we put it all together and tested. Like someone else said, they really want you to pass, so I wouldn't worry too much. Just remember the format the teach you to go through- (your initial CBC, then your 1st assessment of ABCDE, then your SAMPLE) you'll be just fine.

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What tamu said, I am required to have PALS for my job (acute care inpatient) - and it really wasn't that bad. :) But I will tell you I felt the same way during my initial class! Good luck, you'll do fine.