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My hospital uses a pain scale of 1-5 with faces. How effective is this, really? I had a patient tell me she was a 5 (worst pain) and yet she was on the phone laughing with a friend. Of course I... Read More

  1. by   RN2007
    KaroSnow Queen, I am very surprised that the ER dr. gave your husband prescription "pain pills, shot, etc." instead of having him first try "conservative methods" such as Advil and ice/heat prn, lol... I say this because a few years ago when I waited many months to finally go to a dr. for severe back pain, that is the way my family physician treated me, and it took me well over 8 months of exhausting their conservative care without ANY Relief, before any dr. would give me any type RX pain pills, etc. In the end, I had to have a fusion / laminectomey of L3-5 and today, still take a very low level of meds to help with pain since the operation did not prove to be a success. And, in the beginning, I went to at least 3 different orthopaedic drs., neurosurgeons, physical therapist for 1 yr on and off, and a chiropractor, of which all of them talked about me going the "conservative route" by exhausting OTC type meds like Advil, ibuprofen, etc. along with an occasional epidureal steroid injection. So, I am glad to see drs. changing some these days and noticing that your husband was in enough pain to give him RX pain meds that probably worked better. And, like you, I have found the 10 pt. pain scale to help me assess my own pain and think it would help others as well. Take Care....April
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    a definite problem: I have a 21 year old friend that was rear-ended on the freeway. Was c-spined by medics and taken to the ER. She was released after xrays and diagnosed w/ only cervical bruising, and sent home w/ RXs for 30 oxycontin and 30 percocet.

    Not so long ago this med was used for mainly hospice, and now it's first line out of the ED???????????

    This drug is legal heroin. I'm not saying it should never be used. But my friend had no idea what it was. I mean people end up addicted this way.

    I have done work in addiction medicine. A thorough history should be done before giving these meds. I beleive in an addiction gene. What if her dad was a heroin addict or an alcoholic. She now has a greater chance of becoming addicted to the oxycontin or percocet after just a few pills.

    I had a patient who was a recovering IV heroin addict on methadone (not the best plan, but it can work). anyway, he had developed bronchitis. His PCP (who knew of his history) prescribed him phenergan w/ codeine and vicodin for his cough. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you say gateway back into heroin?

    Another problem: Many pt's w/ C.F.I.D.S. and Fibromyalgia are taking upwards of 160 oxycontins/month. Some show up in the ER because they had breakthrough pain x2 during the month and took a couple extras. Now on a Friday they want 10 for the weekend. What would you do as the ER doc? (his primary isn't on call and the on call doc doesn't know this pt)

    The answers aren't easy....


    when you as a chronic pain patient (reapeatedly, monthly) don't have the foresight to call your primary on a wednesday WHEN YOU CAN SEE THAT YOU ARE GETTING LOW, and have been on this med for years, to get a refill, then show up at midnight in the ER on a friday demanding your oxys or percs, don't look my way for sympathy.


    but all i ask is that you manage your disease responsibly, not through the ER every month...

    are all chronic pain sufferers coming to the ERs?

    absoultely not!!

    I feel for you. I have had 3 knee surgeries, and am bone on bone in my left knee. BUT, I would NEVER, NEVER go to the ER if I ran out of my vikes or percs!
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