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I am writing a research paper on pain control for a class for my BSN and I would love any input, advice or stories from anyone out there. I think that pain control is a HUGE issue right now. My question is this, how many of you assess your patients for pain once a shift? several times a shift? at all? Do you assess just those that are in with something that could be a pain issue, or ALL of your patients? When you assess your patients do you use the same approach each time (ie numeric or faces scale). Do you educate your patients on pain, setting a goal, meds, etc.? And finally, now be HONEST, do you approach pain control in patients with an UNBIASED approach? (even those you may deep down think are just drug seekers...?)


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I can give you a home health perspective. We had to check qvisit using a pain scale. I have seen the 1 to 5 or 1 to 10 or for kids or MR the face the the wong scale or something. JCAHO nailed the agency to the wall on that..........maybe NIH website could help ...................I put in pain control, MSO4, and MScontin and got lots of stuff on the web........try that



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Originally posted by renerian the the wong scale....

Wong-Baker pain assessment scale

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Do a search here--use search buton located opposite BB logo above. Will TON of responses re prior threads on pain control and links.

Good luck with your project.

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