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Hi everyone !!

my name is alicia and I am curious to know how many paediatric nurses are here ? I am a new child branch student ...I am studying in the UK and nearly finishing my common foundation program

So how are you doing in your paediatrics nursing? what made you decide to go into paediatrics?


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i am a paeds nurse in UK and have been qualified for almost 2 yrs. i love paeds and cant think of anything else i would do. Enjoy yoour training as things change so much when you qualify but hey its great! There are staff shortages etc which i know you would have seen. Good luck! :)

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I am a senior in nursing in school. I currently work in a pediatric emergency department in a children's hospital. I want to be a pediatric nurse after graduation. i love it. I love the way kids bounce back after being sick. I love the way they look at the world.

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PICU. Seven plus years and still loving it.


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I've been a pediatric nurse for a year and a half, and the reason i am a peds nurse is because when I was going through my nursing rotations I thought I was going to quit nursing if I had to do adults. Seriously! I hated it. I did my pediatrics rotation and loved it! Kids are just someone said they bounce back really quick and they are just a lot easier to work with than adults...i think you'll like it!


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Hi there! I have worked as a pediatric nurse in various capacities for about six years. Currently I am a research coordinator in the field of Pediatric Infectious Disease/Immunology and HIV/AIDS.


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I've been doing Peds in some form since 1996.

I'm currently off work following a big back surgery but plan on going back to work this summer in either Peds office or (my dream job) Peds hospice. For now I am spending my time studying for the PNC exam.


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I am a new grad, will be starting in the PICU 2/15/05!!!!


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I am a new grad, will be starting in the PICU 2/15/05!!!!

Hi there! I have been working in peds for 8 months and loving it! I will be starting in PICU shortly. I never wanted to work with adults either. My goal was always PICU, but I wanted to get some regular peds experience first. I have learned so much over the last months! :)


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Pediatric Home Infusions in the U.S. .. RN for 30 years +.. Yes.. I said 30 years +! I would be in a different career if it wasn't for the kids. I luv it.

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