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On 1/9/2021 at 11:58 PM, nurse_nanciee said:

I am actually switching to west coast now because it’ll be closer for me. Was that the price monthly if you had all your prerequisites done? I have a financial zoom meeting with them to talk about my final cost after my transcripts are in. 

I attended WCU and teachers don't help at all and they are rude and don't care. also the school is very expensive. good luck to you. 

On 1/9/2021 at 6:00 PM, NurseRFlowers said:

Hey guys how’s the schedule and if any what are your monthly payments like I attended Pacific college for my LVN and another yr and half for RN I’m highly considering ... I’m signed up for WestCoast university but the 2500 a month payment is not sitting right with me 

I haven't receive schedule yet . but I think in orientation they will give it to you. I am starting in march at pacific too. I hope everything goes well

RNegash, LVN

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change of plans again and last change. I'm now attending pacific college as well Im completing my app this week. I felt that although I could afford WCU why put the stress on myself when I can complete school cheaper and less on a headache at pacific I also went there before so the fear of the unknown does not apply. when's orientation? have they given any updates?

On 2/6/2021 at 9:31 AM, Jen1990 said:

Hi I’m also starting in March! I’m doing the BSN route so do you know how it works? Are we able to take the NCLEX after the 1 1/2 year before going into the BSN portion? I was a bit confused on that

with the BSN program are you completing the RN portion along with your BSN?

WCU is very expensive and honestly teachers are rude and they are of no help. pretty much you teach yourself and you still have to pay alot. I won't recommed go to WCU. 

orientation will be after 2/15/21. they will send e-mail with dates. 

nurse_nanciee, LVN

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I know I was debating on it for a while but I was able to get a scholarship because I went to their sister school ACC for my LVN. So the cost for me would be the same cost as Pacific. I finished all my prerequisites so the program would take me 2 years and a couple months to complete. I’ll be going to the LA campus. My experience so far has been really good so hopefully it’ll be okay. Good luck to us all ! 

does any body knows what it means cohort 2?

RNegash, LVN

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9 hours ago, lucy34 said:

does any body knows what it means cohort 2?

Have you received you class schedule yet ? 

14 hours ago, NurseRFlowers said:

Have you received you class schedule yet ? 

not yet. have you?

does anybody knows when the orientation is?


Not yet, the last thing I did was fill out the order for scrubs and other documents. Have u reached out to anyone yet? 

Jen1990, LVN

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I emailed Nadeem this morning he said they will be sent out today! 

yes I email hi  this morning. but he hasn't respond. so I was wondering