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PA SBON -retaking the NCLEX

by Nicksandpieces Nicksandpieces (New) New Nurse Student

Hello All, 

I am writing with no where else to turn. Sadly I failed the NCLEX 9/4/2020 and immediately tried to reapply with the SBON and pearson due so I could reschedule to take the exam again. I used a new paper application (with a $75 fee) that according to the PALS website they recieved 9/17/2020 and it has been marked as "pending review" since. I have tried calling, emailing and opening a ticket multiple times with no response yet. I also re-registered with pearson Vue (and paid that $200 fee). I tried contacting my previous professor who said I did not need a new ATT from the SBON and that I did not need to fill out another application for them, but I called pearson Vue and they said the opposite.On pearson Vue's site I still have nothing under "exams to schedule". WHAT DO I DO??? it is now 10/19/20 a full 45 days from when I took my exam and I have studied my butt off, I want to take this exam again! tia

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You do need a new ATT from the BON to resit the exam. Do you think delays may be due to the current pandemic?


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hey I am aslo retaking it for the 5th time and live in pennsylvania. I have applied a month ago, have send them numerous emails, phone calls etc but no answer.  

@Ap1417 Thanks for responding on this. I am so sorry that you haven't passed yet! I had some questions for you: When you retook the NCLEX before, did it take so long to hear from the SBON? did you have to reapply for an ATT via the paper form and pay $75? 


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Yes and it’s been over a month that I have applied still haven’t heard a thing, they don’t even pick up phone calls.. PA BON.

so I just got my ATT! YAY! I ended up calling y state rep and it was fixed the next day! I highly recommend anyone else in the position doing the same.