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  1. Ap1417

    PA SBON -retaking the NCLEX

    Yes and it’s been over a month that I have applied still haven’t heard a thing, they don’t even pick up phone calls.. PA BON.
  2. Ap1417

    I Finally Passed NCLEX After 6 years!

    took NCLEXRN
  3. Ap1417

    FREE NCLEX Study Guide!

    hi I am trying to download this study guide, it downloaded but its says its password protected.
  4. Ap1417

    I Finally Passed NCLEX After 6 years!

    congratulations! I am also in the same situation I have given NCLEX 5 times and failed all. I have tried mark klimeck, UWorld, Hurst everything possible. It seems like I am wasting my time but giving last try hoping this time I will pass. please any ...
  5. Congratulations! I have my exam in July 2020 for the 5th time and I don’t know what am I doing wrong, I feel like giving up I have tried everything. I don’t know if I am answering it differently and I live in east coast, they don’t have America healt...