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I will be starting my new position, in a new role, in July. I am feeling nervous and overwhelmed by all of the technology I will be required to learn. I know that I should feel lucky, seeing as I have had tele experience, as well as cardiac med experience as an LPN.

Is it natural to be afraid? Sure. But should I be this afraid before even starting?

I know that I shouldn't second guess myself. I just was wondering if anyone else has felt this way when starting a new job.

What's your opinion on new grads in CCU? I will be participating in 6 months of orientation, as well as mandatory training of all aspects of the unit.

A premature thanks for the input.:kiss


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I would be very leary of any new nurse to critical care nurse who WASN'T nervous! With the proper training and orientation, new grads in my unit have done fairly well. If you feel you need a longer orientation, ASK for it! I am sure that you will do just fine! Good Luck to you Melissa!

gwenith, BSN, RN

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I have spent a number of years teaching and preceptoring in critical care areas and I agree totally with nurse-lou. I would rather have someone who was nervous and asked lots of questions than a cocky overconfident nurse who rides on the assusmption that if they have not seen a thing happen then it won't happen.

I have met more than a few of the second group in my life and they drive me crazy set up oversimplified "rules" of care and try to fit everthing into that mold i.e. Any drug can be put into 100 mls of saline and run over 1 hour.

TeleNurse - you will be fine - every day you will learn something new. Let us know how you get on and if you have any questions that you don't want to post but need to ask of SOMEONE you can PM me. eerrrr Questions about CCU nursing that is..........

I STILL remember those darned nerves, which lasted a few months, from 6 years ago!!!

Like everyone has said, natural to feel this way, and those carefree easy going new people make ME nervous!.

feel free to PM me too, be glad to listen

zambezi, BSN, RN

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Hello...congratulations on your new position...i started as a new grad in the CCU...I have been there for almost one year so i still think of myself as new...I absolutely love the CCU, was very nervous when I started but knew that it was what I wanted to do...I oriented there for six months while I was a student in a special program and then did the hospital orientation...I really enjoy the technology part of it, it is intimidating at times but learn from every situation...the learning curve is steep but rewarding...it is like a big puzzle and pretty soon it all starts coming together, and if something does not fit...ask questions...My advice would be to find people that you trust to work with, build good rapport with your staff and the experienced RNs and don't be afraid to ask when you don't know...anyway, feel free to pm me anytime...Good Luck!


Specializes in critical care, med/surg.

Thank you for all of your positive replies. Sometimes everyone just needs some reassurance. :D

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