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Ooooooo, I have just come home from work and was about to post a rant topic about overtime. I finished at 230pm today, but was rostered till 130pm becauae I am bank. However, an agency healthcare assistant had a full shift, till 330pm, was unable, but offered, to do things for me as she knew I was overtime. I was told by one of the staff nurses I wouldn't get paid for it. However, I put it on my time sheet and the senior nurse authorized it, BUT, I am never going to do an early shift again! I'm not putting myself in a situation that could mean I would work unpaid overtime, and the other staff member was right. We don't normally get paid, it's own own problem if we don't get off on time. I'm either doing long days or late shifts since I always get off on time from them, I am not a volunteer worker, I am a nurse!!

Oh, the permanet ward staff finish an early at 330pm.


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I love it.

When you say "they need me to work instead of them" do you mean TRADE shifts, or you pick up their shift ?? That sounds ridiculous ! almost laughable !

I will just say "sorry I have plans". I don't think there needs to be any details involved.

I've had both situations come up more times than I can count. I used to switch with anyone who asked, but soon found out that the favors would rarely be returned. I don't even say I have plans, cause if I plan on sitting on my butt eating bon bons and watching Oprah, it's no one's business. My time is MY time and I don't feel the need to justify it to anyone.


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I love that reply! I'll have to remember that if the situation ever arises.

Feel free, it works remarkably well and is much more diplomatic than my earlier drafts ("What? It's my fault you don't know how to use birth control?!! The tehnology is out there, use it!" "Whaddaya mean, I should have to work this weekend cause you popped out a litter of children?!")....


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so are the more 'functional' and healthy units few and far between ?

That can be a hard one to predict, even based on unit size. Units with lots of staff have more people to cover, but they also have more people who will want to go on vacation. Units that utilize a lot of PRN/per diem nurses have a MUCH easier time, because PRNs are not usually counted in the main staffing numbers - so they are often willing to pick up shifts while the full-timers are on vacation. Plus, if you REALLY want a particular day or week, you can most often find a PRN person to work for you. If you find your own coverage, management has no reason to not approve your request, even if staffing is short at that time because that person would be working in your place. Being PRN, I will often send a summer email out to the nurses on my shift - Anyone want vacation coverage? I need money and I will work for you! LOL

I like to go on vacation during the late fall months, so I can cover their vacations and just not schedule myself for shifts during the time that I want to go.

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