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So I just found out that overtime pay for us is different. I worked a extra 18 hours over my 36 hours and didn't really make any extra money because my overtime rate is pnly $40 a hour. How do you go about negotiating your overtime rate? What's the lowest amount you would take for overtime? $55? $60?


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Use PanTravelers calculator to determine your current total pay for your first 36/40 hours. Anything less is a pay cut for overtime. The agency can afford to pay 50% on that number, even if the bill rate is flat (rare). If they get overtime on the bill rate, they are making more money per hour than you are for overtime.


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Omg good to know. I'm glad you told me about this

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I definitely negotiate my OT rate usually $50-65 hour (ICU) but I also ask in the interview the availability of OT, if there isn't much there is no need to negotiate for it.


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wife gets 84/hr for ICU. I get a little less in ER, this time it's 75. She works ot (by choice!). I don't but if I did I do pretty well with this company. Search around. Negotiate. Explain to them you know they don't lose money, even with high ot rates. And never take the stupid "shift bonuses" for ot of 300.00 or whatever, that's usually mated to a really bad rate for ot like 30 bucks.


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I get a good paying contract to start with and do not work overtime unless i absolutely need to to help them for an hour or something after my shift ends. I also dont do call. It is not worth it to me. When i do take a contract and wanted overtime, It would depend on where i am working and what the overall pay package is. No less that 65/hour is acceptable for me in bay area California.