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we're outta here


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HI: We (my class) finished up our skills today for beginning clinical, what a weight off my shoulders! I even passed one with the teacher from hell! Now I hope I don't forget anything .............. we start clinical on the 21st. :p what a relief!

Congrats on finishing up and good luck in clinicals!! I start mine on the 30th. 2nd quarter starts on the 21st..but we just have classes the first 2 weeks.

Congratulations!!! I know you'll do well in your clinicals!!!


WOOHOO,Congrats. I JUST did the same thing today. I was so nervous confused-smiley-015.gifI was sweating. UGH I am so glad thats over. We have our final exam for the actual class tomorrow. I really don't want to study tonight I am so emotionally drained....sleeping-smiley-015.gif

You gyus are sooooo lucky to already be in clinicals!! I still have a year and a half to go! But, GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU!!! :D :D


:balloons: Congrats! Good Luck with Clinicals..

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