Ours must be the last school to make decisions for spring!!!


I'm just exhausted from waiting! I am hoping to begin in January and our school still hasn't made decisions! The deadline to finish the final pre req's isn't even until Nov 3rd...geez! I assume letters will go out after that deadline. The waiting is brutal! I am trying to focus on my current classes (some pre req's for the BSN) but I have little motivation. What I really want to do is begin book and PDA shopping! :D

Anyone else STILL waiting?


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Still waiting here too. Last rumor was that letters would go out after they did a Nursing Dept open house. That was the 17th of this month and nothing has gone out and no questions are being answered. :o

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So is one of our county schools. We applied in August but have to wait until November to find out if we made the cut to the lottery. In December we find out if we got picked from the lottery. Sheesh. If we didn't make it, then we reapply in January for Fall 09.


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waiting right along with u. the wait is very exhausting!!! last i heard letters would go out next week, but who knows. i applied back in aug. i swear they r dragging their asses. i figured spring 09 would not take this long becuz we had less students applying. my life is on hold and i'm ready to explode:angryfire i attend wcccd in det. where do u guys attend


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I still waiting also. I attend WCCCD inn Detroit right along with Lunden. I think they are taking there time because they have until January. This whole process is driving me nuts you wait wait wait then what if the outcome is not what you are expecting then what? I am hoping by the end of this week I would know something they say hopefully they will have letters out by Novemeber 1st. I don't think they realize that me getting accepted will change my whole life and I need to make those plans now damnit. Oh well what can we do. I am just going to bury myself in homework this week to pass the time.


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Waiting here also for my college in Vegas. Supposed to get a phone call on Oct. 29th informing us if we got in or not...eek...that's this week!!


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Still waiting here, too. I was told the decision would be made at the end of Oct and letters would be sent out before Thanksgiving break. OYE, the anticipation is killing me. This is my 2nd time applying. The first time I applied, I didn't have many of the science classes done, but I have quite a few more classes under my belt this time around, so I am praying I get in. Good luck and hope you get a letter soon!

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Our letters are being mailed this week. Luckily I don't have to worry too much since our school does first finish, first seated type of program. Meaning who ever finished the reqirements gets put on the list, and they take the first 110 into the program every spring and fall. I'm number 27, so I'd say my chances are pretty good for a spring start!!!

Good Luck to you all!


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