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We just had a memo that our skilled care unit is closing, due to losing money on medicare. We will use those beds for acute care, and we will need them! The other city hospital is dying. Our hospital hopes to transfer appropriate patients to local nursing homes, but don't they have the same medicare problems? Will we keep these total hips,etc. forever?:eek:

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ARe you able to transfer somewhere or are you getting a lay off?



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Medicare cut backs are killing us all. I really love my little rehab unit but I fear for it's survival. They are reducing beds on every unit and closing one unit at my hospital.


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I am so sorry to hear this! Best of luck to you in the future...

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I'm seeing a lot of SNF beds closing down here, too, with the facilities converting them to acute care beds and/or specialty beds, where there is money to be made. You can't blame them. Of course, you have to think about all that money that GWB is asking for, to keep his war machine going...that could be used, to keep these beds open.

I also saw on the news this morning, where my state's Medicaid program is facing a $190 million deficit, which will impact not only needy adults, but also its PeachCare program for needy children, who otherwise would not have health insurance. My nephew is one of their recipients, because my sister and brother-in-law can't afford the $300+ month premiums, for regular insurance.

Get your priorities straight GWB....or start packing!:(

My facility does millions of dollars worth of business every year as charity (can't or won't pay). Blue Cross is leaving the state, so even more people will be w/out ins. or will be obligated to go elsewhere for care. Yet everyone, regardless of paying or not, expects and deserves excellent care. At some point, we will have more $ going out than coming in. Should we cut salaries? Close units? Turn away poor or uninsured? We are competing for big $ contracts and making efforts to save $, but I am here to tell you it is not easy. Any suggestions?

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