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Okay all, I have another ear infection. I get them about 4-6 times a year always the left ear, I do have some mild seasonal allergies, I smoke. I never had ear infections as a young child, but they started in my mid teens, I have been told I need tubes, but I have no insurance so this is not realaly an option right now.

My eardrum has ruptured several times over the years, and it always feels alot better after it does, but this cannot be good for my hearing, will have to go see doc tomorrow for some antibiotics, and if he is merciful some americaine.

What I really want though is to know if anyone knows of anything else I can do to prevent this from recurring until I can afford tubes.

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Have you been seen by an ENT? My sis had multiple ear infections, as an adult, and finally saw an ENT and ended up having surgery for a cholesteatoma removal. It seems the growth harbored organisms and kept getting infected, wasn't noticed until she had in-depth work-up.

Oops, I just re-read your post. No, I have no suggestions of anything to do to prevent the ear infections . . . my comment above will cost you more $$$. Hope you can get some insurance soon, get the underlying problem taken care of. In the meantime, I hope you get some pain relief. Take care. -- D


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please quit smoking and get to an ENT like suggested above. That is my best advice. Good luck and I really hope you get better!

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Two words: QUIT SMOKING!! Not only will you be able to afford other, more important things, it will also help your sinuses and your ears!

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