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Who to contact when a you see a coworker doing something wrong?

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You go up the chain of command at your facility, starting with your charge nurse or possibly your supervisor/nurse manager. The facility at which I work also has a compliance hotline that can be used if necessary.

That being said, if it is a rather benign issue, you could also consider speaking directly to your coworker.

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Gee, that sorta depends. Assault with a deadly weapon, go direct to 911. Forgetting to zip up the back of her uniform before leaving the locker room, direct 1:1 conversation. Everything else: somewhere in between.

Homework? What do you think? What have you found in your text about chain of command, interpersonal communications, ethics and patient protection?

You got this assignment because you are supposed to consult multiple sources already available to you and synthesize your opinion from what you learn there. ("Synthesize" means "put it all together.") This is one of your first exercises in learning critical thinking, so coming to us and asking us to think for you is not part of your education.

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Who to contact when a you see a coworker doing something wrong?

There is no context here, so I don't know the level of "wrongness." How 'bout starting out by talking to the coworker?